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Your Power Post Templates are on the way to your inbox right now, buuuuuut you will love this SUPA awesome Facebook Group Growth method that pairs nicely.

The FB Growth secrets you actually LOVE doing in between trips to the grocery store, waiting in “the mommy line”, or taking a #2/a break for it all.

Who doesn’t want a few extra 200 members, a boost in engagement, AND have fun doing it in sweats or no pants.

Hey, we don’t judge here 😉

We're cutting right to it, because let's face it, you're BUSY!

(All caps intended.)

  • Hello Engagement!

    See you engagement rate skyrocket with little work on your end! Show up, say what you said, and watch your couch work pay OFF. It's literally that easy and soooo fun to start.

  • I see new MEMBERS!

    Watch your members, your PEOPLE, invite your ideal members into the group AND have fun doing it! Your members will have as much fun as you do. No members? No problem! With this method, you're guaranteed 100 members right off the bat.

  • I'm so in LOVE with my FB Group!

    Change the gross feeling of showing up on yet ANOTHER social media platform to I LOVE MY FB GROUP! Seriously, you may spend more time there than you do in real life. (Your other half will need a heads up *cough*cough* This is NOT a drill...)

You need this golden nugget of fun

EASY MODE: FB Group Growth

for busy, introverted, women solopreneurs looking to grow their FB Group filled with their ideal people for her biz right from her couch or in between the daily life of schedules.

But what if I don't have a FB Group. I really want to start one, but it seems like a lot of work....

Anything new seems like a lot of work in the beginning. That's NORMAL, because you're HUMAN. And don't worry, I'm here every step of the way to cheer you on AND support you. No solopreneur left behind! No WOMAN left behind.

  • start & grow your FB Group as a solopreneur. THE #1 method you need to grow your community

  • My FB Group Checklist made EASY so you don't have to wonder "What do I write in my description? What are these buttons for?"

  • know WHO you’re talking to, you know WHAT you’re sharing in your group without second guessing yourself each time

  • tested & successful method to increase your members with LITTLE work on your end (one of my clients is already over 2k members!)

  • tools to manage your FB Group where YOU run your group, not the other way around

EASY MODE is only available for $27 (normally $77) until the timer runs out.

Price increases to $137 April 1, 2022.

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We're not adding work to your plate. In fact, we're working around it!

The start of boosting your solopreneur journey that works on your schedule between the car lines, grocery shopping, commute to work, dinner, laundry, and so much more!

Hey there 👋🏽

I’m Your Solopreneur Biz Bestie & Coach

CEO of CEOwn It

Juakerra Davis

2x Podcast Host. Solo-Biz Strategist & Podcast Coach. I help women solopreneurs to grow her biz through fun strategies that make money easily that fit YOU IG: @juakerradavis website: letstryadulting.com As always, Mindset is EVERYTHING!

What a FB Group can do for YOU as a solopreneur

  • Members Galore!

    Having a community who WANTS your knowledge is key for a solopreneur. After all, we don't have time to waste on members who don't show us the time of day. Your FB Group is built around YOUR biz message. Your people will naturally find your group & love your group!

  • No Website Needed!

    Websites cost money you don't have and skills you don't have time to learn. Talk about another overwhelming task added to your list. With a FB Group, we AVOID ALLLLLL THAT! Use your FB Group to gather your people without all the tech the gurus say you need to start your biz.


    Yup, I said MOOOOOLLLAAAAHHH! Actually monies in your pocket. Your FB Group is already filled with your ideal people/client/avatar or the tons of other words you call your audience. As a solopreneur, you can share your offers right in your primed & prepped group!

  • Automate!

    If you think everything you have to do as a solopreneur has to be done in real time, I respectfully disagree! Schedule content around your busy life, car lines, or the poop on the toilet. We don't judge. We pride ourselves as women to multitask, so let's do it!

Inside the Course!

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    Welcome! Start here!

    • Start Here!

    • EASY MODE FB Group Growth Slides

    • EASY MODE FB Group Growth Video

    • Facebook Group Settings Checklist - PDF Download

    • Power Posts & Canva - Links

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    • How to Add Your Name under Your FB Group Banner

    • How to Find Your Analytics

    • How to Invite to Your Group - Sample Video

  • 3

    Questions & Answers April 2022

    • Q&A April 4, 2022

    • Q&A April 11, 2022

    • Q&A April 18, 2022

    • Q&A April 25, 2022

Don't see your group growing or engagement increasing? I'll refund you. That's my guarantee.

Show up, show you work, see no results? No money wasted.


Let's take the tech learning curve OFF your to do list

  • FB Group Settings Checklist

    PDF Download & walkthrough of your group's settings, best practices, and inside examples of my own groups. See what I use, how to set your group settings, and what allll the bells & whistles mean behind your group. I also share my #1 tip you NEED for your group, no excpetions.

  • 200+ Power Posts

    200+ Power Posts, proven engagement boosters, so you know WHAT to post in your group. Use for daily engagement or sprinkle every few days. Works across multiple audiences. New Power Posts are added each month!

  • Q&A Day & Invite to Level Up!

    FULL day to answer all of your FB Group questions, the day is literally dedicated to getting the ball unstuck and rolling again. Share your ideas, thoughts, hiccups, and "HELPS!" & I'll provide an ear to listen, guidance, cheerleading, and water to put out your fires. You're totally invited to Level Up, my private FB Group for JUST my students & clients.


  • Is growing a FB Group hard?

    Not at all! It honestly takes more time to set up than it does to run & grow your group. The best part, you can grow your group from your couch with EASY MODE! It's really, that easy. (pun intended.)

  • What if I don't know how to set up my group?

    No worries! With FB Group Settings Checklist, we walk through it together. There's even a dedicated section that dives in deep.

  • What if I don't have a FB Group? I'm starting from scratch.

    You're in the PERFECT place friend! This means your group has open creativity. Inside EASY MODE, you learn how to start your own FB Group, whether you are using it to gather your like-minded people for community to even podcast growth.

  • How much time goes into growing your FB Group?

    As a solopreneur and employee with a 9 to 5 (hey, bills don't pay themselves), on average I dedicate no more than 5 hours a week on my groups, and there are 4 groups! For a single group, you can spend 1.5 hours a week and THAT'S PLENTY! Hint hint, you don't always have to be at a computer to manage & grow your group.

  • When will I start to see results from EASY MODE?

    As EASY MODE is self-paced, you can start to see results in as little as two weeks barely using the method, or within days of using the method. It's really up to you.

  • Why do I need a FB Group? What can it do for me?

    Do you want to grow your audience with like-minded people? Do you want a community that actually LOVE what you're doing and crave more? Do you want to see actual income from doing something you LOVE talking about? Are you a solopreneur looking to make more impact in the world with your message? If you answered YES to even one question, you need a FB Group. You can see your engagement, income, and confidence start to build in just 45 days after starting your group. (That's how I earned over $300 after having my group for less than 2 months!)

  • What if I try the EASY MODE & it doesn't work for me?

    I'll give you a full refund, no strings attached. BUT you have to show you did the work, and actually tried.

Your FB Group is waiting for you!

Let's start your solopreneur magic the EASY MODE way!

So easy, even my mom can do it AND be successful.

Marsha started her group in March 2021

50+ is not the end of the road it is the beginning of a new journey ...we still have a lot of living ahead.....women uplifting women.

EASY MODE is only available for $27 (normally $77) until the timer runs out.

Price increases to $137 April 1, 2022.

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