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Your simple, proven solution taking your podcast from idea to launched on your own time as a busy woman & solopreneur without fear, overwhelm, & frustration.

It's YOUR podcast, so let's tell YOUR story.

Imagine your current life, but with MORE confidence, MORE impact from your audience, and MORE niche-based guests for your podcast.

  • Confidence Building

    Say bye-bye to fear! YPYS has built-in Podcast Coaching to help you stay on track with your goals, answer your questions, and provide support. With templates & masterclasses ready to go, you will kick podcasting fear in the FACE! Strike your confidence pose!

  • Increasing Impact

    Tell YOUR story how YOU want on YOUR podcast. Podcasting is not only a great from of content for your audience to love, but stretches your impact to new audiences just dying to hear from you & your inspiration

  • Guests Booked!

    No more second-guessing & scrambling to find the right guests for your podcast AND book them for a spot. The ONLY method you need to find, book, AND have a casual conversation with your guests.


Your Podcast Your Story Podcast Coaching Program!

with THREE built in 1x1 Podcast Coaching Calls.

Connie Wirth


"Thank you to the sweetest, brightest Juakerra Davis for helping me get my podcast to completion! I reached out and she helped me so much!"

Does this sound like you?

  • You want a SUCCESSFUL podcast, but have no idea of the first steps! You are frustrated and ready to give up before even launching.

  • Podcasting takes TIME and ENERGY you do not have. You feel you will burnout within the first few months.

  • You are unsure of WHAT to podcast on, WHERE to find guests, and HOW to manage your podcast in your already busy schedule as a solopreneur.

  • You are overwhelmed with information and strategies & need a CLEAR path to get you started so you can share your story & make an impact.

What you will gain with Your Podcast Your Story

  • nail down your podcast foundation with detailed questions

  • you know WHO you’re talking to, you know WHAT you’re sharing on your podcast, you know HOW you will be providing value to your listeners

  • built in 1x1 coaching & accountability so you can stay on track with your podcasting goals

  • tools to manage your podcast where YOU run your podcast, not the other way around.

  • building confidence by guiding you through starting your podcast step by step with recorded videos to rewatch again and again

  • creating impact by reaching more of your audience to share your amazing podcast, change lives, and share your WHY

  • guest sourcing by finding your golden nuggets of people for your podcast

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You can either pay in full as a one-time payment, or as 2 monthly payments.

Hey there 👋🏽

I’m Your Podcast Coach

CEO of CEOwn It

Juakerra Davis

2x Podcast Host. Solo-Biz Strategist & Podcast Coach. I help women solopreneurs to grow her biz through fun strategies that make money easily that fit YOU IG: @juakerradavis website: As always, Mindset is EVERYTHING!

For YPYS Podcast Coaching Program

You will have the BEST support as a solopreneur that works on YOUR schedule

  • My signature Your Podcast Your Story Program ready for you to dive in & get started with videos & templates to access at your own pace.

  • Private Facebook Group with like-minded women on her podcasting journey. Find scheduled Q&As, support, and make connections all in one place!

  • THREE built in 1x1 Podcasting Coaching Calls that works on YOUR schedule.

  • Weekly Q&A Day via Voxer to help you stay on track, provide support, and ask questions. Don’t have time to sit and attend our Q&A? Great! With Voxer, you can ask questions throughout the day on YOUR schedule directly to me.

  • Kick Start My Podcast Framework & Formulas to create a solid & clear foundation of your podcast to advance you forward without overthinking.

  • Podcast Guest Booking System the easy method to booking your next podcast guest interview! Includes questionnaire for your guests, how to book guests & schedule guests, where to find your next guest, and MORE!

  • Tools & Resources to manage your podcast so you can stop guessing of what works for you & your podcast and stay focused.


Let's take the tech learning curve OFF your to do list

  • Podcast Trailer Creation

    1×1 session with me to discuss your podcast trailer, music, and sound before I personally create your podcast trailer.

  • 20 to Record Template & Masterclass

    So you can outline your podcast episodes in under 20 mins without second-guessing your structure each time. Efficiently batch podcast episodes so you can focus on getting back in your Zone of Genius.

  • Recording & Editing Masterclasses

    Learn to record & edit audio for your podcast on your computer, tablet, or even PHONE. These are the tools I use for both podcasts, Let's Try Adulting & CEOwn It. Easy to follow recording & editing software with cool features, tips, & hacks. Great for solo & guest episodes.

Two ways to join YPYS

You can either pay in full as a one-time payment, or as 2 monthly payments.

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Kate Butterly


Thank you, Juakerra Davis, I learned a lot from you! If you're looking for more info on podcasting, Juakerra is great & gave me the push to record my intro. Very productive session!

Your Podcast Your Story IS for you if:

  • You want to share YOUR story YOUR way on your podcast. No need to be a "professional" or spend money on tech to get you started..

  • You have your podcast idea & wondering "What's next? How do I launch my podcast?" You want a solution that works on YOUR time & busy schedule.

  • You are DONE with struggling to find answers to your questions among the mass of podcasting information out there.

  • You are looking for a group of like-minded women soloprenerus on a smilier podcasting journey so you don't feel as alone.

  • You WANT to start your podcast, make an impact, and build confidence through your brand & message.

  • You want to connect with more of your audience to provide knowledge, value, and niche based content.

Your Podcast Your Story is NOT for you if:

  • You are in the idea phase with no desire to move forward. You need to "do more research" causing MORE information overload. The more the better!

  • You do not want to launch your podcast this year. You want to go month by month struggling with your podcast foundation while podcasting takes off!

  • You enjoy wasting hours outside of your one of Genuis, when you know your energy could be spent else where doing what you LOVE.

  • You do not want more of your audience finding you, your messages, or even impact their hearts & needs.

Two ways to join YPYS

You can either pay in full as a one-time payment, or as 2 monthly payments.

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  • Is podcasting hard?

    Not at all! You make your own unique podcast. Start off simple and watch the magic grow! What you can imagine for your podcast, you CAN create! 80% of your podcast is your creativity & anything is possible. 20% is the tech, once you learn in, you won’t have to again!

  • What do I need to start my podcast?

    Less than you think! Just your phone, pen, paper, and a little bit of courage! We ALL have started from the beginning! Let me guide you on your podcasting journey, without the overwhelming tech.

  • Do I need a mic?

    NOPE! You can record from your phone or your computer without a microphone. In Your Podcast Your Story 4 week LIVE Program, you have access to our Audacity Masterclass & EZAudioCut Video, two easy softwares you can record & edit your podcast audio.

  • What if I want to start my podcast, but have no idea of my topic?

    Start with your day! What does the weather look like? What did you eat for breakfast? What are you reading? Do you take naps? Talk about what YOU do. The other stuff comes later.

  • As a female solopreneur/entrepreneur, do I need a podcast?

    Answer these questions, just be honest with yourself. -Do you want to grow your audience? -Do you want to build more expertise in your business? -Do you want an extra layer of support for your business? -Do you want to increase your passive income within a year? If even one of your answers was a yes, YOU NEED A PODCAST!

  • I want a podcast, but I don't have time to create AND manage one. Can you produce my podcast for me?

    Sure I can! We can make your podcast come to life! Email and I'll send you the information & application.

Join YPYS today!

You can either pay in full as a one-time payment, or as 2 monthly payments.